Application to CLIMIT Demo

Application to CLIMIT Demo

CLIMIT Demo has no application deadlines, and applications are processed continuously. The length of the processing time will depend on the scope of the application. Typical processing time is a two months after formal receipt of the application.

The road to application

* If the application contains confidential information that you wish to transmit in a confidential manner, you can contact for assistance with this. Please note that the applicant is responsible for selecting the transmission method in accordance with the security required.


Contact Gassnova before you start

Kari-Lise Rørvik

+47 99 24 18 18

Download and fill in required documents


Submit application on e-mail

Guide to the application

Who can apply?

Companies, research institutions, universities and university colleges can apply to the CLIMIT programme for project support for development of CCS technology. The applications must fall under the topics listed in CLIMIT’s strategy and CLIMIT’s work programme.

Five types of projects qualify for support

  • Technical-economic feasibility studies to assess the technical and commercial potential of new technologies individually or in a value chain.
  • Support for technology testing at pilot scale including separate process stages.
  • Support for demonstration tesing facilities: Testing and operation of technologies in semi-industrial scale to assess the technology’s performance, operational optimisation, accessibility and reliability.
  • Development of service concepts or methodology for CO2 capture and storage in order to realise full-scale CCS.
  • International projects where the activity is partially financed through EU programmes and/or national programmes in other countries with objectives comparable to CLIMIT.
  • Application deadline

    CLIMIT Demo has no application deadlines, and applications are processed continuously.

    Criteria for application

    The program board for CLIMIT will actively use the guidelines and priorities set out in the current program plan when processing applications for CLIMIT Demo.

    The application process

    Applications for CLIMIT Demo are processed by own experts in the secretariat.

    It is the program board that makes a final decision on the granting of funding for applications based on the recommendation of the secretariat.

    The project execution phase

    Gassnova requires on-demand access to information about the project’s progress and reserves the right to a seat in the project’s steering committee.

    Project conclusion

    A final project report with documentation of results and agreed publication of the project results shall be forwarded to Gassnova. Approval of the final documentation triggers balance of funding payment from Gassnova to the project.